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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Who needs to sleep when you are this cute anyway?

Many new parents are overwhelmed, so many first when you give birth to a brand new baby. Having a baby is a tremendous change in your life and takes time to adjust you lifestyle, mindset, heal your body, all while trying to get some sleep, and take care of this tiny being that is completely reliant of her parents for their basic needs. It is an exciting but nervous time. This is something I understand as a mother of two and as a newborn photographer. I understand the trepidation of a newborn session for parents and families. I hear questions and feel the anxiety from the parents perspective. Will she sleep? What if she doesn't sleep? Will she be gassy? Will she cry the whole session? My response to parents is "we will go with her flow and we will adjust as needed, don't worry we will get the pictures".

This little beauty was just that, bright eyed and bushy tailed but we got the portraits we needed. Her parents are international students and it was a wonderful pleasure to work with them. She was such a great baby to work with even though she didn't want to sleep. We worked with her needs and we were able to get what we needed for beautiful portraits. I wish the Rahimi family all the best in Canada and look forward to working with you again soon. If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Oshawa or the surrounding areas, contact me today for details on portrait services I offer.

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